>> For a humor quick fix, try the self-referential story, which has a title that also appears several times in the story itself. Also, be sure to check out the Coalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide for important information about this invisible killer.

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"After jogging through the rain, the joy of eating candy is a divine thing, but it may necessitate the use of clearasil, clearasil, clearasil." (A rather obscure inside joke; you'd be better off not asking and just forgetting that you even read it.)

>>> Check out this page for important information regarding squirrel conspiracies! To quote the page: "Squirrels are small rodents with bushy tails, belonging to the family Scuridae. They are found in trees, on the ground, in burrows, and in the highest levels of government." Especially if you're a student at CMU in Pittsburgh, the gravity of the situation becomes clear. They're everywhere. And they're out to get us. See also the Squirrel Defamation League page.

Thursday is non-sequitur day; all three of them.

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