Imperatives of College Living
Only valid in the worlds of Michael Sherman and Sean Cier, and certain parts of North Dakota.

  1. Wherein the course of the academic day there is a conflict between class attendance and the need for sustenance, food is always the priority.

  2. Whereas, if drowsiness does come upon the subject in question, it is necessary to ignore the obstacle known as "class" which prevents proper slumber. The subject then, in skipping academic responsibility, must take the extra time to "relax".

  3. Whereas, if material in the present lecture period will not be present in the upcoming examination, the subject attending the lecture must leave. Also valid if the subject learns from a collegue that the material to be covered in a future class period meets the requirements outlined above.

  4. Whereas, in the case the ambient temperature of a class meeting area is not ensuring comfort of the attendee, he must leave the area immediatly.

  5. There is always time to play games. The only acceptable games to preempt any class session at any time (irregardless of importance of class) are XPilot, bzflag, pointblank, and any game for the Nintendo 64 home gaming system.

  6. Whereas, in the course of the few class sessions after an examination, material presented is not of a relavant topic or is of an introductory nature and the examination has not been returned, the student is not required to attend the class in question.

  7. Whereas, in the event that a poisonous gas is discovered in the immediate area of the class meeting location, the attendee is required to relocate, regardless of whether or not the rest of the class chooses this option.

Last revised on April 14, MCMXCVII
Ratification pending

Michael J. Sherman Sean Cier