This is definitly a pro-toast Web page. In case you were curious.

This is a toaster. \'to-ster\ n : one that toasts; esp : an electrical appliance for toasting.

What is it about a toaster that is so appealing? The shiny silver coating? The quick manner in which it carbonizes and heats bread? Or is it something beyond that? Anyways, I think toasters are pretty cool. They've been unnecessarily replaced these days by the hideous and overpowering device known in the vernacular as "Toaster Oven". It is a moral imperative that we not let this concpiracy spread to kitchens everywhere; we must come to appreciate the silver toaster with it's convenient and simple design.

There is so much more to a toaster than simply its ability to heat bread. When you think of a toaster, don't think of just bread, think of bread and carbon. It's the transformation of a plain piece of bread into something superior that gives a toaster its fame and glory.

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Last updated February 14, 1996