Some photographs taken over the past few years...

Screen grab from an application I wrote at Sonalysts, Inc (May '99)

Me and my new toy (6/8/98)

Bono, New Orleans Popmart, 11/21/97

1996 Porsche 911 Carrera. Picture taken at the 1996 D.C. auto show.

This is me with my best friends Katy and Mark at Southview Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia (my home church).

Southeastern Arizona. Picture taken as I was at Ft. Huachuca on work from the 17th to the 27th of June.

A still from my recent 16mm film, Vorsprung durch Technik (1998).

Me and "The Gang" from TJ. Picture taken in summer of 1993.

Hamerschlag Hall on the campus of Carnegie Mellon

Me and Laura at my house in July, 1996

My two cats, Aiofe and Roise (April '99)

Out in the desert of southeastern AZ

At the Deer Valley ski resort in Park City, Utah. Mark and I took a short trip there late winter '96.

Also taken at Deer Valley during our ski trip in early 1996.

A shack outside of Chantilly High School that Mark and I painted for Easter 1995.

Andrew, myself, and Laura at a Sunday School fellowship here in Pittsburgh in May, 1996.

Another picture taken while I was out in Southeastern Arizona.

An image of a kitchen I rendered using Pixar's RenderMan interface.

An image from my Computer Graphics assignment 3 animation done in OpenGL.

The Fence, painted by me and my roommates for St. Patrick's Day 1998.

  Michael J. Sherman