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I've been quite a fan of movies for most of my life. As a filmmaker, I can appreciate movies as an art form, and not just as big-budget entertainment to get the highest explosion count per two hour slice of something "They" call motion pictures. Movies these days are pitiful, but that's just my opinion. What happened to the good ol' days of the 70's with struggling independent filmmakers with such extraordinary visions as George Lucas and Francis Ford Copolla?

Okay, enough ranting. Below are several links and pages of more information about the (entirely too) big world of motion pictures.

My own work in film and video

CanodeFilm Ltd. My own little production company, formed back in high school with three friends.

Morewood 7B5 Uniplex Cinema (Showing a different movie every Thursday night in Morewood 7B5 on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. Thursday is non-sequitor day, all three of them.)

filmmaking@cmu (the CMU filmmaking club)

Super8 filmmaking (some of my own film work)

16mm filmmaking (more of my own film work)

My home theatre equipment

Movie collection

Denotes films encoded for Dolby Surround
Denotes films encoded for Dolby Digital Surround
Denotes films digitally remastered by THX
Denotes films stored in digital format on DVD

Movie technology links


Dolby Surround



Favourite films

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