XPilot is a networked multi-player space battle game for the X Windowing System. The game is quite addictive, and has consumed hours upon hours of my free time ;) (what little free time I have). The game consists of a client run on the player's machine, and a server run on a host machine, to which the players connect. The playing field is a map that can be customized, in fact there are tools for creating maps from scratch. It can be mastered in about a year of leisurely play. For more information, check out the official XPilot page.

My roommate, Sean Cier, and I have developed two insanely large XPilot maps that are usually running on at least one of our SGIs. Lair of Chaos I and II are each 300x300, full of complex passageways and creative traps, and contain large dogfighting areas. Click here to check on the status of the server at chaos.res.cmu.edu. Also, be sure to check out Sean's XPilot page for more info. I can be found flying a Millenium Falcon under the name of Han Solo whenever I'm playing...

Generic XPilot screen shot:


The XPilot Page
Java XPilot meta server interface
XPilot FAQ

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