Episode I news
Mar 11 (68 days left): The new trailer is out on the official site. It will also be on Entertainment Tonight tonight. It's 2:30 long, and features the new release date at the end: May 19th. Two days early. There are images from the trailer onthe images page.
Feb 22 (87 days left): A sound clip of Jar Jar has been found. Click here.
Feb 8 (101 days left): The second, and longer, trailer will be out in mid-March. Rumours place it at the beginning of the Fox sci-fi film, "Wing Commander", based on the popular computer game.
Jan 21 (119 days left): A contact inside Lucasfilm said that they in coordination with Fox have currently NO plans for premieres in either the UK or US, as it "looks too elitist and Lucas wants fans to see it first not celebs". (from countingdown.com)
Jan 12: George Lucas on the Ep. 1 premiere: "I opened my first Star Wars movie there in 1977 and I feel it would be proper for my new Star Wars movie to open up in the theater that started it all: The Mann's Chinese Theater."
Jan 10: The storyline for the new movie has been leaked, and has been posted on several web sites. I am, however, avoiding this like the plague as I would rather experience the new film not knowing all the intricate plot details and outcomes. I emplore others to follow suit.
Jan 4: Rumours put the Phantom Menace toy release date at May 3rd. They are all produced, and are simply waiting in a warehouse in Hong Kong for delivery in late April.
Dec 14: Wave 2 figures of the Episode 1 line from Hasbro have been found. Pictured below are C3PO, Senator Palpatine, Ric Olie, Darth Sidious, and Watto.


Michael Sherman