Back in the 80's I dabbled with customizing some original Kenner figures to make my own interesting characters. The first was adding a small orange shoulder piece and backpack to a Stormtrooper to make a sandtrooper. Now with Episode I on the horizon, I'm going to make a few 12" figures.

Custom figures
12" figures
  • Darth Maul (completed 2/3/99)
  • Battle Droid (coming soon)
  • Young Obi-Wan (coming soon)

    3.75" figures

  • Republic Royal Guard (Ep. 1) (completed 2/9/99)
  • Sandtrooper
  • "Look sir, Droids" Stormtrooper
  • Luke in Stormtrooper outfit
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

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    Michael Sherman