Stealth3D is a real-time 3D gaming engine written in C++ using the OpenGL graphics API for both the Windows and Linux platforms. A World Description Language, including support for a basic scripting language based upon Perl for event scripting, makes level creation and event trigger setup easy. Events, animations, and triggers are used to elaborate on the interaction of objects to set up the gameplay.

Features include:

  • ASE model file importing
  • TIFF and JPEG image support
  • Quake3 and Half-Life skyboxes
  • Octree polygon storage hierarchy
  • Physics engine (Newtonian mechanics)
  • Event triggers
  • Animation events
  • Fog and smoke effects
  • Dynamic lighting, water, and weather effects
  • Support for billboard objects
  • Bezier and Catmull-Rom spline support
  • Quaternion rotation model

The future will bring a complete cross-platform 3D gaming engine; work is underway to provide both OpenGL and Direct3D support, with GLUT and MFC wrappers. All platform-specific code will be abstracted from the 3D engine code to provide a common framework and ease porting of games to and from Windows, Linux, SGI, et al.


646x505 JPEG image (54K)

Michael Sherman