Quotes of Bruce Sherwood

Bruce Sherwood is a professor of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. He taught 33-112 (Electricity and Magnetism) in the Spring of 1995, and these are various strange quotes that I heard him say in lecture.

"Noah built an ark,
and Noah wondered, 'What is the electric charge at the origin?'"

"A little less levity here please."
After telling a really bad joke about gravity.

"NOTE: The real world is messy."

"Well, sorry, math doesn't work here."

"Many, where many is a large number."

"Don't under-estimate the power of the Force."

"His hands never leave his wrists..."

"You are the captain of a spaceship..."

"This clock is not really a good representation of anything."
Referring to the clock in the lecture hall.

"The bulb would get more and more negative, and you'd get sucked into it."

"I must have left my ear trumpet in my Sunday pants."

"Some rooms might be magnetically challenged."

"And now I will show you something completely different."
Only funny if you're a Monty Python fan...

"Magnetic fields are curly."

"This isn't an infinitly long solonoid; that would be hard to get through the doors."

"It allowed us to make contact with the real world of Radio Shack devices."

"...nearly infinite."

Michael Sherman

Last updated April 13, 1995