Porsche Literature...
The following is a sample of some of the Porsche brochures and other items that I have collected over the years. The brochures were available at dealers during the years indicated. The books mentioned towards the end of the page are not official Porsche publications, and are available at most bookstores.


1998 911 Carrera

1998 Boxster

1995 Porsche Brochure (Carrera, Carrera 4, Turbo)

1989 Porsche Brochure

1994 Porsche Brochure (The New 911 Carrera)

1994 Porsche Brochure (911, 968, 928 GTS)

1989 Porsche Brochure


    Porsche 911 Story
    Paul Frere

    Porsche 911 In All Its Forms
    by Chris Harvey
    © 1988
    The Oxford Illustrated Press

    Porsche 911 Performance Handbook
    by Bruce Anderson
    Motorbooks International

    Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration of the Porsche 911
    Porter and Morgan
    Haynes Publishing


    "Are You Listening?"
    © 1994 Porsche Cars, North America, Inc.

    A ten minute promotinal video about the 1995 911 Carrera.

Michael Sherman
Last updated July 6, 1998