u2 began their popmart tour on april 25, 1997 in las vegas, and finished on march 21, 1998 in johannesburgh, south africa.


Pop-Mart Tour 97
the tour lasted about a year and hit locations in north america, south america, europe, and australia. mocking the rock industry is what u2 did during zoo tv, and this was no different, with its overly extravagant stage setup, including, of course, a 40-foot mirrorball lemon. at over $200,000 a day, it was no cheap show. the tour begin in april of 1997 and ended on march 21 of 1998.
dublin set list

(Intro to M's "Pop Muzik")
I Will Follow
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Last Night On Earth
Until The End Of The World
New Year's Day
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Molly Malone
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
All I Want Is You

Saring At The Sun
Karaoke: All Kinds of Everything
Bullet The Blue Sky
Where The Streets Have No Name
(pre-recorded Lemon remix)
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
With or Without You
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Mysterious Ways
as the tour progressed, changes were made to the setlist. the fourth leg saw the addition of bad, and occasional snippet of desire, and even a few performances of 40 to close out some shows.

it's no wonder the ticket prices are so high (i paid $52 something each of the three shows I saw); u2 certainly went all out on this one. the stage setup featured a 40-foot mirrorball lemon, a large olive atop a 100 foot toothpick, 1000 strobe lights, a plexiglass dance floor, and six lightning machines. to top it all off they had the world's biggest video screen (150 feet by 50 feet).

New Orleans Popmart during With or Without You (image copyright 1998 Michael Sherman)

well, i saw popmart in pittsburgh, d.c. and new orleans, and i must say i was very impressed. even my highest expectations were completely blown away, especially at the new orleans show. it helped being right up at the b-stage railing! they went through each song flawlessly with such emotion and connection with the audience. it was great to see how bono reacted to our reaction as we sang along. oh, and the giant mirrorball lemon was spectacular! all those tiny specks of light surrounding the stadium... impressive. i first became a fan of u2 in december of 1993, planning it perfectly to just miss their famous zootv tour, so this was my first time seeing them live. i made a whole page dedicated to just the d.c. and pittsburgh shows, so please check it out for more info. there's also a page for the new orleans show. hey, those wire tags really worked... thanks everyone.

first leg second leg third leg fourth leg
Las Vegas 4.25.97
San Diego 4.28.97
Denver 5.1.97
Salt Lake City 5.3.97
Eugene 5.6.97
Tempe 5.9.97
Dallas 5.12.97
Memphis 5.14.97
Clemson 5.16.97
Kansas City 5.19.97
Pittsburgh 5.22.97
Columbus 5.24.97
Washington, DC 5.26.97
New York 5.31-6.3.97
Philedelphia 6.8.97
Winnipeg 6.12.97
Edmonton 6.14-15.97
Oakland 6.18-19.97
Los Angeles 6.21.97
Madison 6.25.97
Chicago 6.27-29.97
Boston 7.1-2.97
Rotterdam 7.18-19.97
Werchter 7.25.97
Cologne 7.27.97
Leipzig 7.29.97
Mannheim 7.31.97
Gothenburg 8.2.97
Copenhagen 8.4.97
Oslo 8.6.97
Helsinki 8.9.97
Warsaw 8.12.97
Prague 8.14.97
Wiener Neustadt 8.16.97
Nurenburg 8.18.97
Hannover 8.20.97
London 8.22-23.97
Belfast 8.26.97
Leeds 8.28.97
Dublin 8.30-31.97
Edinburgh 9.2.97
Paris 9.6.97
Madrid 9.9.97
Lisbon 9.11.97
Barcelona 9.13.97
Montpellier 9.15.97
Rome 9.18.97
Reggio Emilia 9.20.97
Sarajevo 9.23.97
Thessaloniki 9.26.97
Tel Aviv 9.30.97
Toronto 1.26-27.97
Minneapolis 10.29.97
Detroit 10.31.97
Montreal 11.2.97
St. Louis 11.8.97
Tampa 11.10.97
Jacksonville 11.12.97
Miami 11.14.97
New Orleans 11.21.97
San Antonio 11.23.97
Houston 11.28.97
Mexico City 12.2-3.97
Vancouver 19.9.97
Seattle 12.12.97
Rio de Janeiro 1.27.98
Sao Paulo 1.30-31.98
Buenos Aires 2.5-7.98
Santiago 2.11.98
Perth 2.17.98
Melbourne 2.21.98
Brisbane 2.25.98
Sydney 2.27.98
Tokyo 3.6.98
Cape Town 3.16.98
Johannesburg 3.21.98

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