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Not only am I a Computer Science major at Carnegie Mellon, but I'm also a Physics major. I am pursuing this other line of study purely for the enjoyment of the science. As Ernest Rutherford said, "All of science is Physics; the rest is merely stamp collecting." So true.

This first semester in my Senior year (Fall 1997) I'm taking four physics courses (along with two CS courses): Advanced Quantum Physics, Electricity and Magnetism II, Physics Undergraduate Colloquium, and Astrophysics. (the picture to the left is a Laue back-scattered photo I took of Tungsten last semester using X-ray diffraction.)

I'm expecting to graduate in Spring of 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Hopefully I can fit in all the required courses in the standard undergraduate four years ;). So far it looks like it'll work...

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