Save PorscheList!

There is a mailing list on the Internet known as porschelist. This list serves about 6000 Porsche owners in acting as a general meeting forum for discussion about all things Porsche; mainly technical/repair questions. Every day there are over 100K of messages shared by people around the world.

Porsche Cars North America now wants this to end. Why? You ask. This is a great service, you may say. This helps thousands of people talk about the cars they love, and in many cases answers questions to "newbies" that are in the market for a Porsche!

Well, PCNA seems to think that because it's called "PorscheList" it should be shut down on the basis of trademark infringment. We must take action! They cannot be allowed to shut this great service down. I do not think they realize how much harm they are doing by pursuing this line of action. Porsche has always considered a Porsche owner to be part of the family, so why are they treating us in this manner now?

PorscheList is a non-profit organization that helps owners share about their cars. Youc an visit their web site at

So, what can you do? Write (yes, by hand, or type and print) a letter to Fred Schwab, CEO of Porsche Cars North America. Write out a long letter about how this action is really just Porsche shooting themselves in the foot. They are making 6000 loyal owners very upset. Please provide your car's VIN so they know that you are in fact an owner. Also, mention if you're in the PCA. Please make the letter look professional and thought-out. You can then mail that letter to him at this address:

Fred Schwab, CEO
Porsche Cars North America
980 Hammond Dr.
Suite 1000
Atlanta, GA 30328

You can also fill out an entry in the Porsche web site's visitor book here, but a hand-written letter will provide much more emphasis.

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