Sherlock Holmes

What's new?

December 4, 2000: "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" have been published in PDF format, with illustrations, and are available to all. See the Canon PDF page for more information.

November 27, 2000: Three PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) versions are available, with more coming. A project is underway to publish all 60 stories completely illustrated and annotated in PDF format by the new year. Right now you'll find Silver Blaze, Thor Bridge, and The Empty House.

November 14, 2000: Registered a domain (finally) for the site, so this will soon be accessible at This change comes as we celebrate 6 years of the 221b Baker Street web page. Also, you'll notice a huge change in the look of these pages as they switch to a more antique colour scheme.

October 5, 2000: Started relinking some of the stories so they are available now. Also started converting more stories into Palm DOC format.

January 6, 2000: Added two Holmes stories in Palm DOC format so you can read Holmes on the go.

Michael Sherman
Last updated 11.27.00