Interests Music

There are many different forms of music I listen to, some in more of an involved way than others. Below are links to a few pages of some of the more important musical influences on my life.

    U2 : a genre by themselves

    The Corrs : Another Irish group

    Classical : well, Baroque really...

    Blues : the stylings of B.B. and Muddy

RealAudio feeds of note:

  • Blues Summit (Internet blues show)
  • Seinfeld in RealAudio (audio and video clips)
  • Great Speeches (speeches from the 40's to today)
  • Bible Stuph (daily Bible readings and devotions)
  • Audio Bible (the whole Bible read by Alexander Scourby)
  • Lumberjack Song (the classic Monty Python)
  • Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (more from Python)
  • James Bond Sound page

    Shoutcast (streaming MP3) feeds of note:

  • ShoutCast (a lot of live feeds)
  • Repruhzent (techno, house, trance, electronica, ...)
  • icecast (best streaming mp3 site)

  • [DOD] Dance, Techno
  • repruhzent 24kps

    Here's how to get Netscape using xmms to play these Shoutcast streams: Go to Edit/Preferences/Navigator/Applications and add a new one with mimetype audio/x-scpls and application line xmms %s. For Icecast streams use a mimetype of audio/x-mpegurl and an extension of .m3u. There ya go!

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