Windoze sucks

Related to my interest in SGI products, another interest of mine is attempting to free all those helpless victims of Micro$oft's brainwashing. People just don't see how much harm the Evil Empire is doing to the computer industry. Through their anti-competitive actions they are flooding the market with poor products just for the sole end of getting the most market share, squashing any creative, small business that might hinder their total domination. By deciding to package their own web-broswer with their operating system, they are taking advantage of their monopoly; forcing people to use an inferior product. Netscape has been screaming "monopoly!" for years, but the Justice Deptartment just isn't listening. Think about it; Micro$oft is obviously not the leader by having the best product, therefore there must be other issues here. The situation is really scary, people. Micro$oft is now positioned to start infultrating the media arena...
Bill Gates and his minions are taking over the world, and they must be stopped. Next time you feel persuaded to "upgrade" your Micro$oft software, just think of why you're doing it. Is it to get more functionality that you'll actually use? Doubt it. Is it because they're nice and stable applications? Hardly. Is it because you've been taught by society that Micro$oft is the only way to go for some reason? Probably. Please see these web pages for more information on this very serious topic of which most people do not comprehend the gravity. This is a very serious threat to our future as a technological society. And no, I'm not just really paranoid.

If you have a PC, why not try out Linux? It's a free UNIX operating system for Intel-based machines. Take control of your computer! Don't let Windoze "conveniently" hide everything from you! UNIX is *far* superior to any other operating system out there (if you beg to differ, go ahead and mail me about this - I'll explain the myriad of reasons). Click here to learn more about how you can get a Linux distribution. Or try here for more general info.

boycott Micro$oft