Portfolio of work

Latest screenshot from the dsBOX JVAT Profiler 3D module. Custom real-time 3D engine written in C++ using OpenGL. 3D models exported from 3D Studio Max. 800x620 JPEG image. November 2000.
Image of a tank rendered using my real-time 3D engine developed at Digital Sandbox, Inc. Written in C++ using OpenGL. Tank was modeled in 3D Studio Max 3.1. 640x367 JPEG image. April 2000.
Screen grab from a physics-based test program for inellastic collisions. Real time graphics done in OpenGL. 457x405 JPEG image. December 1999.
Screen grab from a real-time smoke screen generator simulation. Used for the Army SETS (Smoke Employment Training System) project at Sonalysts, Inc. Polygonal and volumetric rendering done in OpenGL. 542x478 JPEG image. May 1999.
Screen grab from an animation rendered using my own raycaster written in C. 640x480 JPEG image. November 1997.
Screen grab from a keyframe animation program built from scratch for a Computer Graphics I project (includes modeler). OpenGL was used. 450x337 JPEG image. October 1997.
Rendering of a kitchen using RenderMan. Scene generated by calls through the C bindings of the API. 640x480 JPG image. December 1996.
Image of the SGI logo rendered using BMRT's RenderMan implementation. C bindings used. 454x410 GIF image. December 1996.

Michael J. Sherman