Laura Ellen Barnes: Architecture major at CMU, Southern Baptist, Opera fan, and I think the only person I know who doesn't enjoy a good cappuccino ;).

D. Mark Tolliver: Best friend, religion and physics major at William & Mary, Southern Baptist, amateur philosopher, and fellow fan of U2. His home page is coming along quite nicely... ;)

Katy Lee Yarbrough: Best friend, psychology student at William & Mary, Southern Baptist, and someone who really enjoys dressage (a horse thing, you wouldn't understand). She doesn't have a home page yet :(.

Sean Cier: Roommate, fellow CS/Physics major here at CMU, also a graduate of TJ in '94, and someone who hacks code until his fingers bleed.

Chris Orcutt: My former boss (ha!) at the Camber Corporation, someone who enjoys being lost in a desert with a 4-wheel-drive truck, and head of the Oscillation Overthruster Grop.

Bryan Ware: Another former boss at Camber Corporation, cousin of Mark Tolliver (see above), and someone who really enjoys the little town of Sierra Vista, AZ.

Bob Canode: Great friend from TJ (part of "The Gang"), track star, and the next great filmmaker from USC. I taught him everything he knows ;).

John-Anthony Owens: Another one of the imfamous Four from TJ, Latin scholar, international student, and one of the few people trying to get a meaningful degree from the CS department at Yale.

Ray Tsai: The fourth member of the TJ Four, future doctor (yeah, sure), and the most proficient user of B.S. I know.

Andy Walsh: The next in the great line of residents of Morewood 7B5, a Biology major here at CMU, and someone with a sense of humor very frightingly similar to the current residents of 7B5.

Andrew Steiner: Member of IVCF, fellow physics major, and owner of a nice little white Volkwagon Scirocco.