Sherlock Holmes

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Scholarly Abbreviations of Cases

ABBE The Abbey Grange
BERY The Beryl Coronet
BLAC Black Peter
BLAN The Blanched Soldier
BLUE The Blue Carbuncle
BRUC The Bruce-Pardington Plans
CARD The Cardboard Box
CHAS Charles Augustus Milverton
COPP The Copper Beeches
CREE The Creeping Man
CROO The Crooked Man
DANC The Dancing Men
DEVI The Devil's Foot
DYIN The Dying Detective
EMPT The Empty House
ENGR The Engineer's Thumb
FINA The Final Problem
FIVE The Five Orange Pips
GLOR The "Gloria Scott"
GOLD The Golden Pince-Nez
GREE The Greek Interpreter
HOUN The Hound of the Baskervilles
IDEN A Case of Identity
ILLU The Illustrious Client
LADY The Disappearance of Lady Francis Carfax
LAST His Last Bow
LION The Lion's Mane
MAZA The Mazarin Stone
MISS The Missing Three-Quarter
MUSG The Musgrave Ritual
NAVA The Naval Treaty
NOBL The Noble Bachelor
NORW The Norwood Builder
PREF Preface to His Last Bow
PRIO The Priory School
REDC The Red Circle
REDH The Red-headed League
REIG The Reigate Squires
RESI The Resident Patient
RETI The Retired Colourman
SCAN A Scandal in Bohemia
SECO The Second Stain
SHOS Shoscombe Old Place
SIGN The Sign of Four
SILV Silver Blaze
SIXN The Six Napoleons
SOLI The Solitary Cyclist
SPEC The Speckled Band
STOC The Stock-Broker's Clerk
STUD A Study in Scarlet
SUSS The Susex Vampire
THOR The Problem of Thor Bridge
3GAB The Three Gables
3GAR The Three Garridebs
3STU The Three Students
TWIS The Man with the Twisted Lip
VALL The Valley of Fear
VEIL THe Veiled Lodger
WIST Wisteria Lodge
YELL The Yellow Face


The Sydney Passengers
PO Box A281
Sydney South NSW 2000

The Baskerville Hall Club of Sweden,
c/o Wiggstroem,
Byggmdstarvdgen 29,
161 45 Bromma,

The Sherlock Holmes Society of Western Australia
PO Box 74
Sawyers Valley 6074

Actas de Baker Street
Bajada de la Plana 8
08032 Barcelona

The Baker Street Irregulars
(Baker Street Journal subscriptions only)
Fordham University Press
University Box L
New York 10458-5172

The Bootmakers of Toronto
47 Manor Rd, West
Toronto, ON M5P 1E6

The Japan Sherlock Holmes Club
Ohizumi 2-55-8
Tokyo 178

The Registrar for SHERLOCK and the Franco-Midland Hardware Co.
6 Bramham Moor
Hill Head
Hampshire PO14 3RU

The Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia
PO Box 13
South Australia 5152

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
3 Outram Road
Hampshire PO5 1QP

(Computerized Bulletin Board)
513 Via Presa
San Clemente
California 92672

Von Herder Airguns Ltd
Berliner Strasse 6E
3005 Hemmingen

The Arthur Conan Doyle Society
35 Penfold Way
Chester CH4 9ML

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