Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy Brett as Holmes

Jeremy Brett starred in 45 episodes of Granada Television's production of Sherlock Holmes canon interpretations. Production ran from 1984 until 1994, at which time Mr. Brett's health prohibited filming of the rest of the 60 stories of the canon. It is his portrayal of Holmes that specifically got me interested in the stories, and his image will always be associated with my interpretation of the character of Holmes.

Jeremy Brett died in 1995 of heart problems in England after battling severe depression and a nervous breakdown due to the death of his wife.

Most of the episodes are available on VHS from MPI Home Video, and the first four episodes were recently released on DVD. You can buy it from Amazon here. Occasionally you can still see the episodes aired on A&E and local PBS stations. A great web page devoted to the Granada productions can be found here.

A Scandal in Bohemia(episode 101)
Holmes and Watson match wits with opera singer Irene Adler to try to prevent her from blackmailing a king.
First aired Tuesday, Apr 24 1984

The Dancing Men (episode 102)
Holmes and Watson interpret a secret childhood code to bring justice to a terrible murder/suicide.

The Naval Treaty (episode 103)
Holmes is called in when a top-secret document is stolen out of the British Foreign Office.
First aired Tuesday, May 8 1984

The Solitary Cyclist (episode 104)
Holmes and Watson uncover a plot against a beautiful music teacher with an inheritance.
First aired Tuesday, May 15 1984

The Crooked Man (episode 105)
Holmes unravels a murder involving a locked room with no key, a domestic quarrel and odd animal-tracks.
First aired Tuesday, May 22 1984

The Speckled Band (episode 106)
Holmes and Watson try to trace a baffling weapon that took a young woman's life.
First aired Tuesday, May 29 1984

The Blue Carbuncle (episode 107)
A battered hat and a Christmas goose are Holmes' only clues to clearing a falsely accused man.
First aired Tuesday, Jun 5 1984

The Greek Interpreter (episode 202)
Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes investigate the abduction of a man forced to translate for a bandaged Greek.
First aired Sunday, Sep 1 1985

The Norwood Builder (episode 203)
Holmes proves a retired builder was not murdered by a young solicitor named in his will.
First aired Sunday, Sep 8 1985

The Resident Patient (episode 204)
A young doctor asks Holmes to investigate his strange benefactor.
First aired Sunday, Sep 15 1985

The Red-Headed League (episode 205)
A red-haired pawnbroker receives a large salary for copying the encyclopedia for four hours a day.
First aired Sunday, Sep 22 1985

The Final Problem (episode 206)
Professor Moriarty follows Holmes to Switzerland and battles him to the death at the edge of Reichenbach Falls.
First aired Sunday, Sep 29 1985

The Empty House (episode 301)
Watson finds Holmes still alive three years after his reported death at Moriarty's hands.
First aired Wednesday, Jul 9 1986

The Abbey Grange (episode 302)
Sir Eustace Brackenstall's wife tells Holmes she saw a gang murder her savage husband.
First aired Wednesday, Jul 16 1986

The Second Stain (episode 304)
A bloodstain provides Holmes with a clue in the theft of a vital government document.
First aired Wednesday, Jul 30 1986

The Priory School (episode 306)
Holmes connects a missing teacher and a past mystery when a duke's son is kidnapped.
First aired Wednesday, Aug 13 1986

The Sign of Four (episode 401)
An anonymous benefactor summons Mary Morstan (Jenny Seagrove) to a meeting.
First aired Tuesday, Dec 29 1987

The Sign of Four (episode 402)
Holmes and Watson search for an unsavory duo. With Jenny Seagrove.
First aired Tuesday, Dec 29 1987

Wisteria Lodge (episode 405)
A murder investigation leads Holmes and Watson on a wild goose chase.
First aired Wednesday, Apr 20 1988

The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax (episode 501)
A lady (Cheryl Campbell) haunted by a horseman suddenly vanishes.
First aired Thursday, Feb 21 1991

The Problem of Thor Bridge (episode 502)
A man (Daniel Massey) asks Holmes to clear his governess of charges of murdering his wife.
First aired Thursday, Feb 28 1991

The Creeping Man (episode 506)
A prowler frightens a scientist's daughter.
First aired Thursday, Mar 28 1991

The Master Blackmailer (episode 601)
More repulsive and venomous than any snake is the king of blackmailers.
First aired Thursday, Jan 2 1992

The Three Gables (episode 701)
Thugs steal a manuscript of a biography finished shortly before the death of the man.
First aired Monday, Mar 7 1994

The Dying Detective (episode 702)
Holmes suspects foul play after a man collapses and dies of a strange fever.
First aired Monday, Mar 14 1994

The Golden Pince-Nez (episode 703)
Inspector Hopkins calls on Holmes to help solve the murder of young Willoughby Smith.
First aired Monday, Mar 21 1994

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