Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour


I am a Christian, or follower of Christ. Specifically, I am a Protestant (Southern Baptist) who believes that Christ is the Son of God, the Bible is absolutely true, and God will come again someday. To me, being a Christian is not about religion, but about a relationship with God through Christ, so don't bother talking to me about hypocrisy in the religion of Christianity; that issue has nothing to do with the Truth of God. Yes, people do sin. That's a fact. And sin won't get you into Heaven, that's for sure. It's all a matter about what you decide to do about that.

I became a Christian on August 8, 1992. That meant acknowledging the fact that Christ fullfilled the law of the Israelites in being the sacrifice for all humans who accept that. See, back in the day, the Israelites had to bring a sacrifice to the priests to atone for sins. You can read all about that in the Book of Leviticus. The animal brought for sacrifice had to be perfect; without blemish. In coming to Earth as a human, Jesus Christ was that ultimate sacrifice for human sin. He was without sin, and therefore a perfect offering of atonement. All we have to do then as humans under this New Covanent is 1) realize we are not God, 2) realize that we're imperfect next to God's standards, and 3) accept the fact that Jesus did actually come as God's perfect Son and die for us.

If you're curious, I suggest you read Luke, Romans, and Ephesians. They're all in the New Testament in the Bible. If you only read one verse in the Word of God, please let it be Romans 6:23. If you have any questions about becoming a Christian or wish to discuss other related topics, please feel free to contact me at my various addresses.

Relating to theological issues, I'm particularly interested in eschatology, or the study of last things. This is the field of study that has to do with the end of the world, and how Christ will come again. That mainly concerns the books of Revelation, Daniel, and Ezekial, but end times prophecy is consistently throughout the Old and New Testaments.

I believe in a more literal translation of Revelation that some would see fitting. However, most people who try to take the book at an overly-symbolic level do not understand what is written for a simple reason; they have not read the rest of God's Word. The Old Testament especially provides the key to interpreting this vision as recorded by John on the island of Patmos. My view is Pretribulational Premillenialist, which means the church (body of believers) will be taken, the tribulation outlined as Daniel's 70th week will occur, and then Christ will return (the "Second Coming") to set up his millenium reign on earth.

Eschatology resources:

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  • KJV and NIV variants in Revelation

  •   Michael J. Sherman