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General Information

When I was in high school, I met three really great friends, and together we made several movies in the years we were in high school. The first project, entitled Unsolved Problems was made for a class project in math class dealing with unsolved mathematical problems. The other two movies in the Unsolved Problems trilogy followed in later years, with another movie project for an English class done as well.

Since I have been in college, my interest has swayed towards film. I have made several short Super8 films for my Filmmaking class, and will now continue my work in film rather than video, working in Super8 and 16mm for the next few years.

Movie projects


1996-1997 CURRENT (16mm)
  • Director/Writer of Vorsprung Durch Technik
  • Assistant Cameraman for Frank's Wild Years
  • Camera Loader for The Ten Commandments
  • Executive Producer and Assistant Cameraman for Amnesty Day

What's New?

I'm now taking Filmmaking III at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, which involves one large 16mm project for the semester. The film Vorsprung Durch Technik will be shot in Feb/March, and will be completed by late April. It will be a 7-8 minute 16mm non-sync sound film.

Coming Attractions

Below are short descriptions of a few film projects on which I intend to work (or actually complete) in the coming months

Vorsprung Durch Technik: Story of a man in a futuristic society, in which the workers are controlled by Governmentally - administered sedatives. A glitch in the system allows this man a glimpse into his past, and motivates his escape. Very THX-1138-ish. 7 to 8 minutes in length. 16mm.

Unsolved Problems: A short film featuring the gang we all know and love. To be filmed during the Summer of 1996 and released early Fall 1996. Color, Super8, sound.


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