911 Engine & Transaxle Removal Checklist Applies up through the 915 transaxles, G-50 will differ. Assumes access to hydraulic lift.

Prior to start

  • Car on lift (need to modify below instructions if car jack only is available)
  • Remove battery cable at battery (-) negative terminal
  • Loosen rear wheels
  • Raise car slightly, remove rear wheels
  • Shift transaxle into third gear for 5-speed, (first for 4-speed) (or whatever gear moves the transaxle shift rod into the transaxle the farthest).
  • Disconnect shift linkage in shift tunnel at the allen-head screw
  • Prop up clutch pedal for easier removal of clutch cable
  • Penetrating oil on: Oil line connections, Rear roll bar brackets, Transaxle bracket bolts, Rear engine mount bolts, Other
  • With warm engine, drain oil overnight (engine and oil tank)
  • Remove oil lines at rear of engine, allow to drain

    Engine compartment

  • Disconnect air conditioning compressor (or bracket with compressor if easier), swing to one side on fender using protective pad
  • Disconnect electrical wiring at engine - rear 14-pin connector, front connector on some models, lambda connector, etc.
  • Disconnect fuel lines in engine compartment ( supply line, return line, accumulator)
  • Disconnect brake booster vacuum line
  • Disconnect cruise control
  • Disconnect throttle linkage to transaxle
  • Disconnect crankcase breather hose

    Underside of car

  • Disconnect throttle linkage at transaxle bell crank, put aside
  • Disconnect accelerator linkage at transaxle bell crank
  • Disconnect axles at transaxle, wire up out of way
  • Disconnect ground strap at transaxle
  • Disconnect starter cable
  • Disconnect heater hoses from heat exchangers to body
  • Disconnect clutch cable
  • Disconnect speedometer cable or electrical sensor
  • Remove rear anti-roll bar
  • Place jack cradle under engine
  • Loosen engine mounts, transaxle mounts
  • Lower engine and transaxle

    Engine out

  • Replace oil pressure switch, o-ring on thermostat as a matter of course while engine is out.

    This list cannot cover all the year models, but has all of the needed steps included for most of them. Disclaimer - "Safety" type steps have been left out.